Author: Sara

Mother of triplets and wife of a wonderful, MacGuyver sort of guy. For some reason I'm always in a hurry, so I tend to do things without thinking anything through. Because of this, I make a LOT of mistakes. Let me help you do things the right way, because I've done it all the wrong way.

Making Cut Lilacs Last a Bit Longer…

Lilacs are one of my favorite plants, and I love to cut the flowers to put in my house.  The smell, the abundance of the flowers and branches, and the colors are just the best.  My Mom told me years ago that if you add a splash of gin to the vase of water with the lilacs, they’ll last much longer.  I cut these and put them in a vase without gin the other night and in the morning they looked awful:


I took them out of the water, recut about an inch off of the ends at an angle with my most favorite pruners, added a capful of gin and put them back in the vase with fresh, cold water, and this is how they looked that evening…    Truly amazing.  If I hadn’t seen this transformation for myself, I’m not sure I’d believe it.   Georgia loves them almost as much as I do.




Easy Way to Make Your Own Lined Envelopes

Easy Way to Make Your Own Lined Envelopes

When I ordered personalized stationery, I used to spend the extra $50+ on lined envelopes, as they add so much to the look of the notecard, and it’s such a pretty surprise when you open an envelope. Once I realized that I could line them myself for literally pennies (and a quick feeling of accomplishment), I started lining envelopes myself.


Supply list:


small piece of cardboard

pencil and paper

pretty gift wrap, wallpaper, or scrapbooking paper

utility knife; the one I use or another option


Step 1: First, trace the full-sized envelope onto a piece of paper and cut it out. While cutting, eyeball and trim it about 1/4 of an inch smaller (width) to easily fit inside the envelope. It only needs to cover the part of the envelope you can see, so you only need about 3/4 of the length of the envelope.

Step 2: Trace the smaller-sized paper onto a thin piece of cardboard and cut that out. Now you have a hefty template that will last the entire box of envelopes.

Step 3: Place the cardboard onto a piece of wrapping paper, pretty wallpaper, scrapbook paper and trace around it with an exacto knife. Using a glue stick, glue only the top edge of the paper, and glue it onto the envelope just down from the gluestrip that you lick to seal the envelope. Fold at the bend of the envelope top and Bob’s Your Uncle.  (Google that phrase if you don’t know what it means and you’ll start using it too.)  😉