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Making Cut Lilacs Last a Bit Longer…

Lilacs are one of my favorite plants, and I love to cut the flowers to put in my house.  The smell, the abundance of the flowers and branches, and the colors are just the best.  My Mom told me years ago that if you add a splash of gin to the vase of water with the lilacs, they’ll last much longer.  I cut these and put them in a vase without gin the other night and in the morning they looked awful:


I took them out of the water, recut about an inch off of the ends at an angle with my most favorite pruners, added a capful of gin and put them back in the vase with fresh, cold water, and this is how they looked that evening…    Truly amazing.  If I hadn’t seen this transformation for myself, I’m not sure I’d believe it.   Georgia loves them almost as much as I do.